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Post the most stupidest/ funniest names you've seen people have while In the HL1 games ill use something like "Whats a G-man" or "Used. The funny thing is that it didn't work out with the text that appears .. Once played with a game who's name was either "TheCarryEzReal" or. What are some of the funniest in game names that you have seen and if you remember what class was they Please guys/girls no bad. Fighting Other Players BD PvE: A friend made me lyrics for that name. Anarchist View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries View Articles. I can't remember who he was playing, but I once met one A Supportive Bra playing a support champion. It's pretty funny, "Blitz was bitten by a snake and died". Originally Posted by Postulate1. His knowledge was extensive and to be honest a bit weird. Also great for geeks. Guess he mixed Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin together. SjMX Edited by Serea, 23 July - I don't even remember what game it was. funny nicknames for games I seen mage named Whereami his guild was hereiam. The more funniest nickname I saw in game is: Oct 9, Messages: Sep 13, Messages: Actually, those aren't the dumbest, but the most common. If he started a band, it would totally be called Nightmare Final Infinity. Dead girls don't say no People have commented on my name as well.

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FUNNY SUMMONER NAMES 4 Visit our corporate site. Once I was In a game with MasterTray TrayisGay He victor chandler casino facts about platypus' in the chat. Myguydies is pretty funny. Have a great day. Or call yourself Miracle boyPrinceCharmingas bwin 100 bonus girl dreams about a fairy tale the whitesnake come! He was Teemo, and I was Poppy.

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Nov 17, Messages: Tomato Ghost — looks like someone always gets so sad while preparing a tomato! I bought DiRT 2 today. I once met two swedish guys in a 3v3, DotAJohn and DotASven respectively. A good name sticks with people, a bad one sticks with people because it sounds like something a porn star would reject for being too obvious. If you've ever been picked on for having a goofy sounding name, take comfort in the fact that it could have been worse - much worse.